1. Constructing the projects

Ludan Renewable Energy can build the plants working on a “turn-key” project, leading the process from the soil movement to the start-up of the plant, or acting as a subcontractor of the digestion part.

Our "cost-effective" approach keeps the investment costs as low as possible, able to generate business able to develop in non-subsidized markets.
We have designed our own components so that these are exactly coordinated in terms of structure and function: that means there are no problems with the interfaces. 

2. Energetic valorization of the biogas

The Ludan group has installed hundreds of MW of cogeneration plants in its history. On the last years, we have implemented many biogas CHP systems. Thanks to our many years of practical experience, we are very well able to judge which CHP goes best with your biogas system. Framework agreements with the suppliers safeguard our access to the best units on the market.

Many customers have problems in dimensioning the transformer correctly. We supply the matching product including transmission station.

Ludan Renewable Energy offers the full range of biogas technology. This also includes conditioning the biogas in a special plant, as an alternative to turning it into electricity on the spot. Based on the huge experience of the Ludan group in oil and gas projects, we can also build turn-key biomethane to vehicular gas plants.


3. Initial commissioning

It takes a lot of experience to handle a biogas system, and it is key to have deep knowledge of the available local substrates and the local waste market.

It is a challenge for the operator to commission his new biogas system. This is why our staff offers you intensive support during this phase. We pay particular attention to making you familiar with the safety instructions. During on-going operation, it is easy to forget that a biogas system produces explosive gas. 

Ludan also offers operator training courses. All important aspects are explained in manageably sized groups. The courses consist of both theory and practice.