Business Case Development

Ludan Renewable Energy assists its clients in the development of their projects, looking for the best solution adapted to each case.

We can assist you in defining:

  • The energetic potential of many agroindustrial wastes, coming from the food industry, livestock or other biological processes.
  • Valorization of energy crops, adapted to different climates. Our agricultural experts have +10 years of experience in energy crops such as corn, sorghum, elephant grasses, grass, etc.
  • Valorization of animal by-products -under Commission Regulation (EU) Nº 142/2011-, throught hygienization, sterilization, biomethanation or animal feed production.
  • Establisment of waste management facilities, following the European List of Wastes -Commission Decission 2000/532/EC and Directive 2008/98/EC.
  • Biomethane for injection into grid and vehicular fuels derived from biomethane for its use on trucks, bus and cars.
  • Production of fertilizers derived from digestates, and integration of fertilizer plants with biogas plants.
  • Biorefineries. Integrated plants of valorization of byproducts and wastes in energy and feed.

Once the best technical solutions are defined, Ludan Renewable Energy can assist you in the permitting process, obtaining the finance for your project and getting subsidies that are applicable in many countries.

All those factors combined (technical, business, financing, permitting) led to sucessful projects.