Biomethane is pipeline-quality, high content methane derived from biogas.

It is an entirely renewable and readily available low-carbon alternative fuel that can be produced locally from organic waste.

Chemically the same as conventional natural gas, biomethane is produced from the anaerobic digestion of organic matter such as animal manure, sewage, and municipal solid waste. After it is processed to required standards of purity, biomethane becomes a renewable substitute for natural gas and, once compressed, can be used to fuel natural gas vehicles.

Ludan Renewable Energy has the competences and the experience to build biomethane plants for the injection on the grid. Our first installations are already in operation in Europe, with our partners Biogast.

Other characteristics of our installations:

  • We use compact, plug and play installations in containers and places these next to the digester.
  • The installations are prefabricated and can be directly connected and started
  • Ludan invests, exploits and performs maintenance themselves
  • Project leading and turn key delivery
  • We take care of the connection to the gas grid, contracts, subsidy, permits,  certification etc.
  • We design installations which monitors the quality of the produced gas

Backed on the extensive pretrochemical experience of the Ludan group and KH-Engineering, we have the expertice to produce vehicular gas (CNG) from the biomethane.