Over 5 years of experience in Renewable Energy

Ludan Renewable Energy is a subsidiary of the Ludan Group. Today Ludan Renewable Energy provides a full range of services in project development, permitting, engineering, implementation and operational & biological support of biogas plants and valorization of wastes.

A joint venture partnership with Ludan Renewable Energy brings a reliable, long term operation of your development and a secured and profitable investment.

The expertises from Ludan Renewable Energy are provided by the experienced professionals from different technical backgrounds in agricultural, chemical and industrial engineering, as well as the personnel that daily operates our participated plants.

Ludan Renewable Energy is powered by KH Engineering, which has over 65 years experiences in the petrochemical sector for the major oil companies in the world. With a wide range of references in the petrochemical industry, petroleum and gas, inorganic chemistry and industrial waste treatment, KH Engineering can always deliver reliable and high-quality engineering work for all types of client's investments.

Leadership by Key values

Core skills are continuously developed and improved within each of  the technical disciplines. A large array of competences is available and this will be shared and made visible while interacting with your organization.
Delivering the right solution and building up a balanced team are guided by our Key values: 

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Pragmatism

These key values are transferred in our business portfolio.

Key values

  • Safe environment
  • Quality in  Project controls and technical solutions
  • Flexibility in our approach, contract formats and organizing operations
  • Pragmatism and no nonsense is the overall spirit

Motivation and enthusiasm

Success is the driving force that stimulates the employees within our organization.There is a continuous investment in additional training, expansion of the range of services and the functional combination of existing computerized work processes. An exciting and challenging working environment is reigning among all levels of our organization.

Global Experience, Local Approach

Ludan Renewable Energy operates in offices located in the area of Rotterdam and Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium) and Valencia (Spain).